Easing technology applications

This is our vision. Working to make it real is our mission.
Here is some examples of projects we have incubated and/or we have developed and/or we have managed.

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ItalianLakesRegion.com is an innovative turistic web portal that uses geolocalization tecnologies in order to give a great usability to those are visiting the Italian Lakes Region.

Into the emerging market of electric veichles, in specific for the two-wheels segment, RocketBiking.com is a vertical e-commerce specialized into electric bycicles.

Kiara has been one the pioneers internationally into the sector of native web applications provided as software as a service, a web service dedicated to the management and administration of small business.

The project aims at creating a new application into the cloud providing a B2B connection among large, small and medium sized companies by acting as a B2B Service Hub, automating the flow of administrative documents between/among the subscribing organizations.

iThink was a pioneer in the market of polls-as-a-service. It has been developed at an higher level of usability in order to simplify the user experience, keep user focus, reduce abandonment in process.

One of the worst plagues for original brand manufacturers is the counterfeiting. OriginalOK is a technologic solution to reduce counterfeiting into the suppy-chain from the producer up to the final consumer.

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